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Belly Dance SingaporeIf you want to see the fine art of belly dance performed with fiery, sensual, passionate temperament and a grand dose of youthful originality or you wish you could learn from one of the most highly respected and mentioned names in the belly dance industry then contact Princess Jasmine. She is one of Singapore’s exceptionally skilled performers and most talented belly dance teachers.

Princess Jasmineis one of the hottest belly dancers at present in Singapore. Based in Singapore, she performs her lively and alluring belly dance routines at many of Singapore’s most well known and prestigious venues, night clubs and Middle Eastern restaurants. She is also in high demand for many other events and occasions including festivals, corporate functions, parties, birthdays, engagements, weddings, and more! So add some spice to your next special occasion!

If you want to learn to belly dance like a trueGoddessof this highly revered ancient art form thenPrincess Jasminacan help guide and develop your very own style and originality by aiding you to first master traditional techniques of varied belly dance styles and then encouraging you to merge them with your own personal improvisations. She offers a range of tuition options depending on your needs. You can learn to belly dance inOne-to-One Private Lessons, inOpen Group Tuition, or as part of aPrivate Groupwith you and your friends.

Belly dance skillPrincess Jasmine’scommanding presence and beauty, her coloured and ornate originally-styled costumes together with her electrifying dance displays, continue to rock and shock audiences from all walks of nationalities and cultures, leaving them clamouring for more. She is excitingly youthful, respectfully innovative, and sizzles with immeasurable passion. To book her to perform at your next function, or gain from her the knowledge and wisdom to learn to belly dance like aGoddess, give her a call today!

Bellydance Core Conditioning

Bellydance Core Conditioning will enhance strong core muscles which is important for good posture, a healthy back, and the feminine hourglass shape.

Bellydance Fitness for Beginners:

Basic Moves/Fat Basic Moves – This easy-to-learn program will thoroughly exercise your body while teaching you the basic moves needed to use bellydance for fitness. It’s low-impact, relaxing, sensually stimulating and also fun!